App y Mooc sobre “GREEN Computing” sensibilización sobre la contaminación digital.

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Versión final del curso "Información Digitalmente Accesible" sobre creación y gestión de información digitalmente accesible para usuarios de las TIC.

The project consists of setting up a new vocational training speciality with the cooperation of all partner countries involved in the project based on Open Source Software , in order to meet the European SME’s world needs detected.

Through online teaching, update the mentors and trainers´ knowledge following the contents of the new speciality created (CISOSS). 

Teach the new speciality and train unemployed students of each partner country on CISOSS competences. Arrange mobility flows of mentors and students among the partner countries.

Test the suitability of this new training program CISOSS by putting theory into practice in a real working environment, where students from the partner countries, will implement computer programs in small and medium-sized companies in other partner countries.

Finally, disseminate the results and include the aims achieved in the dynamic of the daily work of the participating entities. Following quality criteria, arranged previously, and evaluate every project phase and thinking about future developments.

Project Card

Cloud and Internet Services with Open Source Software for SMEs.

Cloud and Internet Services with Open Source Software for SMEs.

This course is only for trainers.

Curso de formación Interna en el que se pretende dar una visión general de la situación actual del eLearning. Se entrará en aspectos tecnológicos y pedagógicos de la formación online.